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Are you are new to the city, a professional in a new role or a boomerang returning home?  Looking to engage in the community or just curious about the area in which you live? Inside Grand Rapids will provide you insight into the city’s latest and greatest developments and put you in touch with the most dynamic leaders and individuals shaping the city’s future. Along with a cohort group of up to 40 fellow professionals, you will explore our community, learn about social and community engagement opportunities, and delve into how to connect in Grand Rapids by following your passion.

Applications for Inside Grand Rapids are Currently Closed

This 6-session program meets every other Tuesday from 1:00-4:30 p.m. and features:

  • An orientation to the City of Grand Rapids
  • Conversations with key community leaders
  • Networking with a diverse group of peers
  • Visits to community events and local sites
  • An opportunity to connect with your community through your passions

We seek individuals who:

  • Want to explore and learn more about Grand Rapids
  • Are looking to find their place to engage in the community
  • Seek to connect with a diverse group of professionals
  • Are interested to discover new places, faces, and resources in the community

Program Details

The 6-session program meets every other Tuesday (Sept. 10, Sept. 24, Oct. 8, Oct. 22, Nov. 5, Nov. 19) from 1:00-4:30 p.m. with a wind-down or happy hour following each session. The program starts with a welcome and program orientation. At this session, you will meet and get to know your fellow participants. You will also walk through the program calendar and any questions you have about the program will be answered.

Our Community

Explore Our Community through a tour of a few of our local neighborhoods. We will learn about the history that has lasting impacts on our town and upcoming projects that will shape our future community.

Cultural and Social Engagement

Learn about community resources that support our diverse community such as museums, library programming, annual cultural events, and passport experiences through Experience Grand Rapids.

Civic and Community Leadership

Learn about local service opportunities through neighborhood associations, schools, City commissions and boards, cultural institutions, and nonprofit agencies. You’ll also meet some of our local decision makers and learn how you can get more involved.

Connecting Through Your Passion

What issues or areas are you naturally drawn to? What are you most passionate about? How can you make more space for the things that really matter to you? Through a workshop, we will reflect on your passions as well as areas you are not passionate about. Then you’ll set a plan for letting go of the things you aren’t passionate about to make room to connect through your passions.

Bringing it All Together

At the final session, you will reflect on the experience. We will review your plan for integrating your passion into your life and will identify ways your classmates and the Chamber can help make connections to jumpstart your plan. You will also have an opportunity to share your personal takeaways from the experience as we celebrate completing the program.

Additionally, the program will offer off-site opportunities outside the program hours. Examples include invitations to attend cultural events, Chamber opportunities, and site visits to key resources.


If you have any questions, please contact Ken James,

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