ATHENA Nominee Application Form

Congratulations on being nominated for a 2020 ATHENA Award! Please fill out the application below by Friday, July 17, 2020. Questions? Please contact Mel Trombley at mel@grandrapids.org.

  • Nominee Information

  • Short Answer

    Please complete the following section. This section must be completed in order to be eligible for an ATHENA Award.
  • In what ways have you supported women in business, either in a corporate setting or helping a woman-owned-business? (Helped women earn promotions, mentoring, support in developing their own business, etc.)
  • How do you personify the highest level of excellence in your profession? State specific recognition, projects, or achievements. Include business-related affiliations, directorships, trusteeships, Board of Directors or other designations as appropriate.
  • How have you devoted time and energy to the community in a meaningful way? Explain local, county, or state level contributions in civic and service organizations, charitable activities, political pursuits or religious groups. List dates and offices held.
  • Include any additional awards and/or honors received from your profession, industry or community that you think are significant for consideration.