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In this Problem Solving Workshop you will gain new perspective on how you view problems/challenges and what created them in the first place.

We are all dealt a hand in life, having certain dispositions and character traits that impact how we show up. During this workshop, participants will work through a problem they are currently facing at their organization through the analogy of a card game, using the hand they are dealt, and working with their peers to determine when to play their hand, when to toss in and when to shuffle.

Participants will walk away with tools to analyze and lead through current and future problems, that empower them to take positive, productive and sustainable action.

Monday, March 18
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Grand Rapids Chamber
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Speaker: Matthew Cunningham, Founder & Owner, Reveles Coaching

Matt Cunningham is the principal owner and founder of Reveles Coaching, LLC, a leadership development company that is changing the way people view leadership.  Reveles focuses on equipping individuals to understand and better manage how attitudes and behaviors impact their effectiveness as a leader.  By working with one of our coaches in a Reveles Coaching program people can achieve results that increase productivity, communication and improve relationships.  The people we work with can become leaders who inspire, motivate and bring out the best in others.

Matt has more than twenty-five years as an effective leader in management including over 10 years as a business owner working on relationship building and effective communication.  His previous management background includes marketing, retail and B2B sales.   Matt’s passion for leadership comes from a drive to help others become the best version of themselves.

Prior to moving to Grand Rapids, Matt resided in Austin, TX with his wife, 4 dogs and two horses.  When not at work you can find him on the golf course practicing patience and emotional balance (we all know how well that works at times). Other hobbies include photography, singing, art, and spending time with friends.

Matt is an active member in a number of organizations, including:  Founding Partner of the Empowering Collaborative Network, Engagement Productivity Mentor Coach with AMI Learning Center, Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, Grand Rapids Chamber Ambassador Program (Matt was the recipient of the 2018 Chamber Ambassador of the Year), PFAC (Patient & Family Advisory Council, Spectrum Health), Mentor at Affinity Mentoring, and Networking for Good.  In addition to involvement in the community, Matt is actively engaged as a leadership mentor for graduates from the Leadership Grand Rapids and Emerging Leaders programs.



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