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ATHENA Leadership Forum

Tuesday, February 9th | 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

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ATHENA Leadership Forum: Imposter Syndrome & Confidence in the Workplace

Have you ever felt you didn’t belong? Maybe it was in a meeting with executives, on a board with community leaders, or among acquaintances who balance self-care, career, family, and friendships flawlessly. You’re not alone in your feelings of inferiority. Imposter Syndrome, or the idea that you’ve only succeeded due to luck and not because of your talent or qualifications, is experienced by 70% people at some point in their career. The good news? It can be overcome.

Dig in with Latesha Lipscomb, JD, Director of Engagement for Amplify GR, to discover why you should own your strengths and learn ways to increase your confidence and impact in the workplace. We all deserve fierce advocacy; why not be that person for yourself?

You belong at the table, and owning your greatness will help pave the way for others.


ATHENA Leadership Forums celebrate women in leadership by featuring local women leaders sharing their leadership lessons with an emphasis on elevating professional women of color and other marginalized identities.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Zoom Meeting
Members: $15 / Non-Members: $25





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Latesha knows quite a bit about helping many West Michigan women feel appreciated, supported, and valued. She’s the former manager and creative genius behind “I Got Face Cosmetic Concierge,” a full-service beauty provider based in downtown Grand Rapids, where she and her team of professionals were changing women’s lives “one by one with the stroke of a blush brush.”

As a Grand Rapids native, Latesha has a passion for working to better the lives of the underprivileged in the city’s urban core. She previously served as the Community Engagement Project Manager, facilitating the Heartside Quality of Life Study for the City of Grand Rapids Planning Department. Latesha also held past roles with organizations such as the Grand Rapids African American Health Institute and the Inner City Christian Federation, where she tirelessly advocated for those with quieter or muted voices in the city’s most vulnerable communities.

Latesha is a graduate of Boston College where she studied Political Science and maintained a focus study in Faith, Peace & Justice. She studied American Government and Public Speaking through Junior Statesmen of America at Yale University and went on to graduate from Boston College Law School in 2005. Latesha adheres to the Jesuit ideal of “service to all mankind” and describes community engagement as her “purpose-driven life”. You can also find her serving on several local boards and committees like the Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., Goal 2 Alliance, the Great Start Collaborative Parent Coalition, and the DGRI Downtown Neighbor Network.


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