Consultative Services

consultative services

Custom EDI Services

If you're looking for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion solutions for your organization, look no further than the Grand Rapids Chamber. With a rich history in providing EDI services to the West Michigan community, our team of EDI experts are ready to help you on your EDI journey.

The Assessment

Members: $3,000 | Future Members: $4,000

In order to develop an effective DEI strategy, it’s important to understand the perceptions of all stakeholders regarding the current state of DEI in the organization. The Chamber’s DEI Assessment will help you establish a baseline for your company and outline recommendations for the next steps.

Implicit Bias Training

Members: $750 | Future Members: $1,000

Biases start early, and just about everyone is prone to biases. Learn more about what exactly implicit bias is, how to combat it, and how to continue to tackle it moving forward. This two-hour session is for groups of 10-35 people and will help build a better cultural workplace.

Navigating Organizational Culture & Communication

2 Hour Virtual Session: Members: $450 | Future Members $500
4 Hour In-Person Session: Members: $1,200 | Future Members: $1,500

Poor communication lies at the root of many problems. In this workshop, participants will explore how to use cultural intelligence and cultural communication tools to navigate a diverse cultural workplace, and create effective & diverse team communication.

Interested in learning more about our services?

Please reach out to our Inclusion team at [email protected]