ESOP Programs

ESOP Programs

An ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) company is an essential part of a strong business community, as it ensures that wealth is kept within our area. To promote and strengthen ESOP companies in our region, we are introducing ESOP Roundtables & ESOP Quarterly Meet-Ups.

ESOP Quarterly Meet-Ups

ESOP Quarterly Meet-Ups will explore questions and issues surrounding the topic of employee stock ownership plans. Whether you are part of an ESOP company, or are just interested in learning more, these events are the place to be!

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ESOP Roundtable Program

If you’re part of an ESOP company and are looking for a group that gives you feedback on some of the tough business issues you are facing and can speak from their own personal experience in similar business situations, then the ESOP Roundtable Program is for you.

ESOP Roundtable program provides structured discussion groups of 10-13 business leaders from fellow ESOP companies. Participants will engage with the same group of participants gather each month in a confidential setting to discuss issues affecting their businesses.

Applications and renewal forms are accepted all year. Please submit yours for consideration at our next placement session in the Spring. Tables will kick off in March, so renew or enroll today!

Program cost is $250 and includes 12 monthly roundtable meetings and 4 ESOP Quarterly Meet-Ups.

Must be a member in good standing with the Grand Rapids Chamber.

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