About Creative Chambers

In 2014, the Creative Industries yielded $698 billion to the U.S. Economy and 4.7 million Jobs. Specifically to Michigan, the creative economy contributes nearly 89,000 jobs in over 10,000 businesses generating over $4.09 billion in wages. This represents a growth of 1.5% in Employment and 8.5% growth in wages since 2011. The Michigan Film & Digital Media Office‘s (MFDMO) Creative Chamber program is making it a priority to empower communities to grow their creative industry.

The Creative Chamber works directly with the local business community and charges them with the task of engaging their local creatives to address the industry segregation that is apparent across the state and within state government. With both industries working together they will:

  1. Syndicate for the purposes of attracting more and better creative jobs
  2. Create a creative and culturally-friendly environment making communities an attractive place for individuals to live, work and play
  3. Encourage the retention and growth of talent in the creative and cultural economy

The Michigan Film & Digital Media Office and its designated 5 local business organizations are here to serve you! Our partners are working at the local level to help you unleash your potential as a creative, grow your creative or traditional business and elevate your community as a great place to live, work and play. If you’re interested in joining, contact Dante Villarreal, Vice President of Business Services, at 616.771.0314.

Click Here for a Downloadable PDF Explaining Creative Chambers