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Guest Blog: Reflections on the Leadership Advantage Experience

Guest Blog: Reflections on the Leadership Advantage Experience

The Leadership Advantage cohort was led by one of the best executive coaches that I have ever had the privilege of working with, Barbara Rapaport of Real-Time Perspectives. Not only did Barbara provide consistent 1:1 coaching, but she also encouraged us to provide honest feedback to each other. Barbara’s motto is that the answers are in the room and not only did we find that to be true, but it was also empowering to know that each of us played a role in helping our colleagues work through their professional barriers.

At the beginning of the cohort, we spent several minutes creating a “class contract” which outlined our expectations of one another (i.e. whether or not we felt comfortable without masks, thoughts on confidentiality, our feelings on taking phone calls during class, etc.). Our ability to be transparent about our needs at the beginning of the class, set the tone for the remaining months that we would spend together.

I was optimistic that I would end the cohort with enhanced critical thinking skills and problem-solving capabilities, but I was not expecting to leave with such a fabulous group of peer coaches that I now consider friends.

As leaders, there is always more to learn, and I can say with confidence that both new and experienced leaders will benefit from this cohort.  You won’t be disappointed!


Leadership Advantage is just one of many talent development programs that the Grand Rapids Chamber provides every year. Read about our 2022 programs here!


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