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Letter to President Trump Regarding Proposed Tariff on Steel and Aluminum

Letter to President Trump Regarding Proposed Tariff on Steel and Aluminum 2

Below is a letter sent to President Trump on March, 7, 2018, regarding a proposed tariff on steel and aluminum.

Dear President Trump,

On behalf of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce and our 2,400 member businesses in West Michigan, we urge you not to impose tariffs or other burdensome restrictions on imported steel and aluminum as recommended by the Commerce Secretary under Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962.

Michigan has created 540,000 private sector jobs and led the nation in new manufacturing jobs since 2010. This has helped Michigan reverse our population loss, and be one of the national leaders in income growth.

Our region is home to several world leaders in automotive, furniture and other manufacturing sectors. Even for these companies, which place a priority on spending domestically, the inflationary costs will be extremely harmful to their ability to compete globally.

Artificially increasing the costs of raw materials creates an incentive for consuming industries to expand or move production outside the United States, harming local communities and employees. Inciting a trade war also creates significant uncertainty over the potential retaliatory steps taken by trade partners.

Free trade and open competition supports millions of American jobs, including many here in West Michigan. We feel strongly that Michigan and America only stand to lose if these tariffs are enacted and urge you to reject the secretary’s proposed restrictions on imported steel and aluminum.

Rick Baker
President & CEO


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