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Andy & Joni Johnston Celebrate Mother’s Day!

Andi & Joni Johnston Celebrate Mother's Day!

It’s that time of year where we give mom the special attention she actually deserves 24/7. To get in the spirit of Mother’s Day, we asked Andy Johnston, Chamber Vice President of Government Affairs, to tell us about his Mother’s Day plans and traditions with Mama Johnston, also known as Joni.

What’s the Mother’s Day tradition at Casa Johnston?

Andy: The extended family always gets together – and the guys are in the charge of the meal, clean up, and making the mothers feel like princesses!

Andy & Joni Johnston Celebrate Mother's Day!
FUN FACT: Joni likes literally every social media post Andy is in. Thanks for those likes, Joni!

What do you plan to get her as a gift?

Andy: Probably flowers from Eastern Floral!

Why is Joni the best mom ever?

Andy: Many will claim that their mom is the best mom, but they haven’t met Joni. Aside from the fact that I would literally not exist without her, she has had my back from day one and is my biggest fan. I am so grateful for her support and have learned so much from her and the example she sets. She worries about my sister and me constantly (but never lets us win at Scrabble). She rocks!

How are you making mom feel special for Mother’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments!


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