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A Special Message from Grand Rapids Chamber President & CEO, Rick Baker

A Special Message from Grand Rapids Chamber President & CEO, Rick Baker

We are at a critical time, with COVID-19 cases rising rapidly. What we all do over the next few weeks is vital as we work to protect lives and livelihoods. This includes inside and especially outside of the workplace, where we are seeing a lot of the spread occur.

West Michigan is resilient. To get through this, it will take all of us as business leaders, customers, and community members, practicing vigilant care over the next few weeks.

Important Resources to Review and Share with Employees:

  • Kent County Back to Work: Small businesses, like restaurants, retail, and others are essential for the wellbeing of the community. All businesses and customers are expected to practice extreme care consistent with the guidance provided here so we can protect both lives and livelihoods.
  • Holiday Celebration Guidelines: Much of the spread is happening outside of the workplace. While tempting as it gets colder, indoor residential gatherings of people from multiple households should be avoided (this includes holiday gatherings and private celebrations). People who elect to gather despite this recommendation, should include the fewest number of households and people possible. All attendees should continue to wear facial coverings, practice social distancing, and exercise good handwashing and personal hygiene. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has additional guidance here.
  • Additional Resources:


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