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Create Great Community with TutorMate

Create Great Community with TutorMate

When it comes to the important issues affecting our state, “What can I do to help?” can seem daunting. While there’s little the average citizen can do to #FTDR, we can all come together to create great community around one important issue effecting the entire state, including every demographic and every region- literacy.

In spirit of March is Reading Month, every individual can take the time to read to a student. Whether it’s your own children, or volunteering in your local school, there’s countless opportunities to improve our literacy rates and boost student attainment for all.

As a business, it’s important to recognize the importance of early literacy. A platform that can easily connect business to education is TutorMate– an online literacy program that makes connecting with community easy.

The TutorMate program uses interactive technology to connect community volunteers to local first grade classrooms. Tutoring is completely online, allowing tutors to make a positive impact from any location. In just 30 minutes per week, you can drastically impact a student’s fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.

TutorMate is a fun way to get involved, build community, and strengthen the culture of your business.


Visit here for more information and Q&A.

Contact Alexa Kramer to get involved at kramera@grandrapids.org or 616.771.0311

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