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City of Wyoming Income Tax Increase on May Ballot  

The Wyoming City Council has approved a proposed income tax increase to be included on the May 2022 special election ballot on a split vote. If approved by voters, the proposal would have residents pay up to 1% income tax and non-residents working in Wyoming would pay up to .5%. This is the maximum allowed for a city of this size under state law, but the Council stated their intention is to set the rate at .8%/.4%. The Council also placed a Charter Amendment on the ballot that would limit the City’s property tax millage. 

You can find an overview of the proposal from City Manager Curtis Holt here.   

After engaging Wyoming-based Chamber members in discussions including a meeting with the Mayor and City Manager on the question, Joshua Lunger, Senior Director of Government Affairs, made comments and sent a letter detailing the concerns of our members on Monday night. 

There was significant consensus on worries over the negative impact on employees. Employers are already struggling to fill jobs facing a talent crisis and are afraid this will make Wyoming less competitive for employment opportunities. There was also a significant question of the timing with an ongoing and uncertain recovery from a global pandemic, the City having recently received $13.1M in federal funds with more likely to come, and questions as to why the item was placed on a special election ballot. 

The income tax measure ultimately passed 4 to 3. Voting yes was Mayor Poll and Council Members Fitzgerald, Postler and Bolt. Voting no were Council Members VanderWood, DeKryger, and Postema. 

The Council also discussed and approved a change that makes it so that both the income tax increase and property tax limit must pass to take effect. On the property tax millage limit (as a Charter Amendment) a supermajority was required and it passed 7 – 0. 

The item will now be decided on the May 3, 2022 special election ballot. If you would like to discuss this further, please let Josh know at [email protected] 

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