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Report Released on Condition of Michigan Roads


TRIP, a national transportation research group based in Washington, DC, released their report on the state of Michigan’s roads, “Modernizing Michigan’s Transportation System: Progress and Challenges in Providing Safe, Efficient and Well-Maintained Roads, Highways and Bridges.”

According to the report, while Michigan roads are recovering, the rate of recovery could be slowed if Michigan is not able to provide a modern, well-maintained transportation system.

Right now, Michigan residents spend $14.1 billion every year on vehicle operating costs, congestion-related delays and traffic crashes. After five years of steady investment locally, Grand Rapids roads have made great progress, but the TRIP report says half of major roads in the Grand Rapids area are in poor or mediocre condition.

“While we are making rapid progress, Grand Rapids roads still aren’t in the condition that they need to be in to keep residents safe or to maximize our area’s potential,” said Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss. “Grand Rapids is only one piece of the Michigan pie, and we know how important it is for the safety of all residents, the strength of our entire economy, and the productive movement of goods that our infrastructure be top notch, and right now, it’s not.”

Making needed improvements to Michigan’s roads, highways and bridges could provide a significant boost to the state’s economy. Achieving the state’s goals for a well-maintained, safe transportation system will require staying the course with Michigan’s current transportation program and increasing transportation investment.

“The TRIP report is timely with the Governor’s recently announced budget and road funding plan,” said Joshua Lunger, Director of Government Affairs, Grand Rapids Chamber. “It’s clear that the state needs to do more to invest in our vital infrastructure network, and we look forward to discussing ways to modernize Michigan roads.”

“Here in Grand Rapids, we sincerely hope that the Governor, having released her budget proposal, will work alongside the Legislature to get our great state the infrastructure funding it so richly deserves,” said Mayor Bliss. “We also hope the Legislature chooses to meet her halfway in an effort to work together to get this done.”

The Chamber will work with our Board and Transportation Committee to determine our position on the various details of the Governor’s proposal. If you have feedback on how these proposals will impact you and your company, please contact our Government Affairs team.

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