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Lame Duck In Full Swing

Lame Duck In Full Swing

Lame Duck is in full swing in Lansing and your Government Affairs team is working to ensure outcomes that promote a thriving business climate for all. Here are some key highlights:

A Strong Business Environment

Paid Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Improvements

The Michigan Legislature adopted the minimum wage and paid sick leave proposals and have made the important amendments to make the proposals workable for Michigan.

Senate Bill 1171 raises the minimum wage to $12.05 by 2030, restoring the tipped credit to 38% of the minimum wage and removing the inflationary index under current law.

Senate Bill 1175 requires employers provide one hour of paid medical leave for every 40 hours worked, instead of the original 30 hours worked. It will exempt employers with less than 50 employees and certain classifications of employees. The bill will remove litigious provisions and allow employers to have documentation and notification requirements. It will also allow employers to keep the PTO plans they have and allow time to be used in one-hour increments unless the employer has a different policy in writing.

Both bills are on the Governor’s desk and we are advocating for him to sign them.

Storm Water

The Chamber has again stopped legislation that grants local governments the ability to levy taxes as fees without a vote of the public. Senate Bill 756 would allow local governments to create a new storm water utility that would a charge residents and businesses a fee based on the permeability of their property. Attempts to quantify the real costs associated with that kind of “system” are a significant concern

A Talented Michigan

Teacher Preparation 

For education and workforce development, two areas saw movement during this lame duck session. Of the eight bills in the Chamber supported teacher preparation package, five have passed out of the House and move onto the Senate for consideration- HB 5598, HB 5602, HB 5603, HB 5604, HB 5605. These bills seek to better prepare teachers for the classroom. Policy to remove barriers to employment for returning citizens has seen movement as well. HB 6110, HB 6111, HB 6112, and HB 6113, after a near unanimous passage in the House, are on the Senate floor.

Your Chamber Government Affairs team will continue to be in Lansing during this lame duck session to advocate our member-driven priorities.

We will keep you posted as things progress. Please contact Andy Johnston, Vice President of Government Affairs, with any questions at [email protected].

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