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June Breakfast with Legislators

June Breakfast with Legislators

This month’s Breakfast with Legislators included discussion of education, auto no-fault legislation, transportation, and more. Attendance included guest speaker, President Thomas Haas of Grand Valley State University and various state legislators who addressed various concerns of our members.

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President Haas ensured the return on investment from Michigan taxpayers’ contribution to the university. With 20,000 of the 22,000 growing student population being Michigan residents, 95% stay and use their talents in Michigan. The president’s past thirteen years of leadership have shown national rankings and recognition as one of the best and most cost-effective public universities. Congressman Bill Huizenga made a surprise visit to thank Dr. Haas for his contribution to Grand Valley and our great state.

Michigan’s legislators, freshly back from the previous weeks’ Mackinac Policy Conference, spent time discussing the recent votes on auto no-fault – a highlight of the conference. The legislators emphasized that there are still tweaks to be made but continuing efforts to collaborate are promising.

Among other topics, funding was discussed in multiple areas. The gas taxes’ contribution to road funding was broken down, as well as funding to protect K-12 education, and lastly community mental health financial negotiations.


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