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Bacon is Dead, But Good Discussion is Alive and Well

Bacon is Dead, But Good Discussion is Alive and Well

This week was our first Breakfast with Legislators of 2019 where our West Michigan legislators were asked everything from talent to Paid Sick Leave.

The Governor’s State of the State address was a topic of discussion, and legislators were asked questions on both her programs that seek to close the talent gap and how to address our infrastructure crisis. With the budget being presented next week, we’ll be looking to see proposals for funding these initiatives and the associated trade-offs.

Discussions on fixing Michigan roads featured agreement that more needs to be done, but also highlights over the nearly 50% increase in overall transportation funding that has occurred in the last several years.

Education was a highlight of the discussion and legislators spoke to the need to take a long-term approach. This starts with investment in early childhood and doing more to get 3-year-olds prepped for kindergarten.

The legislative change to the Paid Sick Leave ballot proposal was also brought up and Chamber staff has been hearing concern from members who are preparing to comply with the new requirements. The Michigan Legislature acted to request an opinion from the Michigan Supreme Court to help create more certainty for the business community as Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is reviewing the legality of the amendments made at the end of last year.


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