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2018 Midterm Elections Recap

Local Advocacy: City of Grand Rapids approves budget - Considering medical marijuana.

After 8 years of Republicans controlling all branches of state government, the results of last week’s election will split control between Republicans and Democrats. Democrat Governor-elect Gretchen Whitmer will be joined by Democrat Dana Nessel as Attorney General and Democrat Jocelyn Benson as Secretary of State. As for the Legislature, the Republicans held a majority in both the state House and state Senate. The state Senate will go from a 27-11 Republican supermajority to a 22-16 majority. The state House has moved from a 63-47 majority to a 58-52 split.

At the national level, incumbent Debbie Stabenow (D) beat out Republican hopeful John James for the U.S. Senate seat. Both Bill Huizenga (R) and Justin Amash (R) held their seats as the 2nd and 3rd district U.S. Representatives, respectively.

All 3 Proposals passed in Michigan. Proposal 1 to legalize recreational marijuana won just over 55% of the vote. Proposal 2 on redistricting won 61% of the vote and Proposal 3, allowing straight ticket voting and automatic election day registration, won 66%.

With election day behind us, the Grand Rapids Chamber looks forward to working with the new administration to promote business growth and advocate for a prosperous West Michigan for all. We are optimistic about the future and are in a strong position to deliver powerful advocacy on your behalf.

Below are the statewide and West Michigan winners:

State of Michigan

  • Governor- Gretchen Whitmer (D)
  • Attorney General- Dana Nessel (D)
  • Secretary of State- Jocelyn Benson (D)
  • S. Senate- Debbie Stabenow (D)
  • S. House of Representatives, District 2- Bill Huizenga (R)
  • S. House of Representatives, District 3- Justin Amash (R)

Michigan Senate

  • Michigan Senate, District 19- John Bizon (R)
  • Michigan Senate, District 20- Sean McCann (D)
  • Michigan Senate, District 26- Aric Nesbitt (R)
  • Michigan Senate, District 28- Peter MacGregor (R)
  • Michigan Senate, District 29- Winnie Brinks (D)
  • Michigan Senate, District 30- Roger Victory (R)
  • Michigan Senate, District 33- Rick Outman (R)
  • Michigan Senate, District 34- Jon Bumstead (R)

Michigan House of Representatives

  • Michigan House, District 61- Brandt Iden (R)
  • Michigan House, District 70- Jim Lower (R)
  • Michigan House, 72nd District- Steve Johnson (R)
  • Michigan House, 73rd District- Lynn Afendoulis (R)
  • Michigan House, 74th District- Mark Huizenga (R)
  • Michigan House, 75th District- David LaGrand (D)
  • Michigan House, 76th District- Rachel Hood (D)
  • Michigan House, 77th District- Tommy Brann (R)
  • Michigan House, 80th District- Mary Whiteford (R)
  • Michigan House, 86th District- Thomas Albert (R)
  • Michigan House, 87th District- Julie Calley (R)
  • Michigan House, 88th District- Luke Meerman (R)
  • Michigan House, 89th District- Jim Lilly (R)
  • Michigan House, 90th District- Bradley Slaugh (R)
  • Michigan House, 91st District- Greg VanWoerkom (R)
  • Michigan House, 100th District- Scott VanSingel (R)

Kent County Board of Commissioners

  • Kent County, District 1- Ted Vonk (R)
  • Kent County, District 2- Thomas Antor (R)
  • Kent County, District 3- Roger Morgan (R)
  • Kent County District 4- Diane Jones (R)
  • Kent County, District 5- Mandy Bolter (R)
  • Kent County, District 6- Stan Stek (R)
  • Kent County, District 7- Stan Ponstein (R)
  • Kent County, District 8- Harold Voorhees (R)
  • Kent County, District 9- Matt Kallman (R)
  • Kent County, District 10- Emily Post Brieve (R)
  • Kent County, District 11- Jim Saalfeld (R)
  • Kent County, District 12- Monica Sparks (D)
  • Kent County, District 13- Betsy Melton (D)
  • Kent County, District 14- Carol Hennessy (D)
  • Kent County, District 15- Jim Talen (D)
  • Kent County, District 16- David Bulkowski (D)
  • Kent County, District 17- Robert Womack (D)
  • Kent County, District 18- Stephen Wooden (D)
  • Kent County, District 19- Phil Skaggs (D)

Grand Rapids Public School Board

  • Tony Baker
  • Kymberlie Davis
  • Jose Flores
  • John M. Matias
  • Kimberley Williams

Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees

  • Kathy Crosby
  • Sheryl Siegel

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