Innovation | Tri-Share Pilot Program

The tri-share pilot program is the first of its kind and offers a unique and innovative way of thinking about child care funding, accessibility, and affordability. A few major highlights:

  • Three pilot programs: one each in a rural, urban and suburban setting
  • Splits the cost of child care between state, families, and businesses
  • Families, businesses, and providers would work with a Facilitator Hub that can identify supply from the provider side, and demand from Facilitator Hubs will also be the fiduciary and administrative arm.
  • Businesses elect to be in this pilot and have the opportunity to offer this benefit to their employees up to 250% FPL, a substantial increase from our current levels of 150%
  • Child care becomes more affordable for families, allowing for parents to climb the economic ladder.

Benefits for Business

  • Employers are, now more than ever, aware that child care is a barrier to employment.
  • Employers have the opportunity to opt-into this hub that allows employers to invest and retain their talent.
  • During these uncertain times, business owners know that being a part of this hub gives their employees peace of mind and their business stability.

Benefits for Providers

  • Our child care industry has taken a Being a part of the pilot gives providers access to the facilitator hub that provides administrative support to navigate these uncertain times.
  • Working directly with local employers provides long-term security.

Benefits for Families

  • Employees see their child care bill reduced, allowing them to better provide for their families and/or enter the workforce at a price point that works better for their family’s pocket.
  • Employer engagement and the facilitator hub takes some of the guesswork out of searching for a reliable child care facility.
  • Long term, business engagement will demand higher quality facilities for their employees, leading to an increased level of care.

In the News

To learn more or get involved, please contact Andy Johnston, Vice President of Government Affairs, at 616.771.0335 or [email protected]