Political Action Committee

Political Action Committee

2020 Political Action Committee Endorsements

The Friends of West Michigan Business, the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee (PAC), will be issuing endorsements for United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, Michigan House of Representatives, Kent County Commission, Kent County Clerk, and Kent County Drain Commissioner.

In order to be considered for endorsement, we ask that you please complete the questionnaire by Friday, May 1. Please select the appropriate questionnaire for your race below:

After receiving your information, if appropriate, the Friends of West Michigan Business PAC Steering Committee will contact you to schedule a candidate interview.

A Chamber endorsement may entitle you to PAC financial support, media releases and volunteers to assist with door-to-door or other campaign related activities. We wish you the best in your campaign and thank you for your time.

If you have any questions or need to send supporting documents, please contact Joshua Lunger at (616) 771.0336 or [email protected]

About the Friends of West Michigan Business

The Chamber PAC is an essential tool for building relationships and supporting highly-qualified candidates for state and local office. It is funded by voluntary contributions of personal funds from dozens of members, and not supported by member dues, sponsorships, etc. Much like our policy process, we understand the controversial nature of the endorsement process and take it very seriously.

The PAC has its own board and bylaws and follows a rigorous process for all endorsements. All candidates receive an invitation to participate after the filing deadline. The process requires a completed candidate questionnaire, developed based on the priorities established by the issue committees, and an interview with a team of PAC contributors and Board members. The interview teams review questionnaires, background materials including the candidate’s prior work experience, public service, etc, and interviews all candidates seeking endorsement. They then make recommendations to the PAC Board which meets and considers the endorsement recommendations before making the final decision.