Advocacy & Government Affairs

Advocacy & Government Affairs

The Grand Rapids Chamber acts as fierce advocates for business on issues that enrich a thriving, and diverse business climate. 

West Michigan is a great place to do business, but there are still rules to follow, paperwork to complete, and permits to acquire. While you know your business inside out, city, regional and state government are a different story. That’s where your Chamber comes in. Our members turn to us for help with the paperwork, processes and approvals needed to start, promote and expand their businesses.

Want to Get Involved? Help Create Great Policy, Advocacy and Opportunity by Joining Our Committees and Councils

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Government Affairs Events

Whether it’s a road trip to the statehouse, a breakfast meeting with local officials, or just talking politics over a pint of local product, your Chamber connects with you with the people and policymakers who matter most to your business.

The Chamber offers educational opportunities, which can help you if you need to get up to speed in one area or another. Plus, you have a team of lobbyists you know is ready to advocate for you.” - Dave Shaffer/Former City Commissioner
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