Board of Directors

Executive Board Committee

Chairperson: Steve Heacock, Spectrum Health
Chairperson Elect: Mike Verhulst, Rockford Construction
Immediate Past Chairperson: Mike Mraz, Rockford Construction
Vice Chairperson, Budget/Finance: Nelson Sanchez, RoMan Manufacturing, Inc.
Vice Chairperson, Governance Beth O’Shaughnessy, Steelcase Inc.
Vice Chairperson, Public Policy: Bryan Harrison, Amway Corporation
Vice Chairperson, At Large: Joan Budden, Priority Health
Vice Chairperson, At Large: Doug Young, Behler-Young Company
President & CEO: Rick Baker, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

Board Members

Lynn Afendoulis Johnny Brann, Jr.
Lynn Afendoulis
Universal Forest Products, Inc.
Johnny Brann, Jr.
Kitchen 67
Meredith Bronk Joan Budden
Meredith Bronk
Open Systems Technologies (OST)
Joan Budden
Priority Health
Tom Bylenga Lew Chamberlin
Tom Bylenga
Star Truck Rentals, Inc
Lew Chamberlin
West Michigan Whitecaps
Jeff Connolly Jennifer Crowley
Jeff Connolly
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Jennifer Crowley
Highland Group
Jim Green Bryan Harrison
Jim Green
Lacks Enterprises, Inc.
Bryan Harrison
Amway Corporation
Steve Heacock John Irwin
Steve Heacock
Spectrum Health
John Irwin
Huntington Bank
Joe Jones Rebekah Kennedy
Joe Jones
Grand Rapids Urban League, Inc.
Rebekah Kennedy
Grand Rapids Jaycees
Birgit M. Klohs Janet Mason
Birgit M. Klohs
The Right Place, Inc
Janet Mason
Michael Mraz Javier Olvera
Michael Mraz
Rockford Construction
Javier Olvera
Supermercado Mexico
Beth O’Shaughnessy Nelson Sanchez
Beth O’Shaughnessy
Steelcase Inc.
Nelson Sanchez
RoMan Manufacturing, Inc.
Mary Tuuk Ted Vaughn
Mary Tuuk
Meijer, Inc
Ted Vaughn
Tolman’s Wholesale Meats
Michael B. Verhulst Doug Young
Michael B. Verhulst
Wolverine Building Group
Doug Young
Behler-Young Company
Rick Baker
Rick Baker
Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce