Top Five Features of the New Chamber Office that Our Members Will Love

We’re sure you’ve heard the big news by now: the Chamber is relocating to 250 Monroe Ave. on March 1st! The modern and fresh building, with tons of windows overlooking the DeVos Place Convention Center, will be the new epicenter for business, resources, and collaboration for more than 2,400 Grand Rapids Chamber members.

Here are five facts about the new Chamber office that our members will love:

#1. The Chamber office will have a “work cafe,” complete with free Wi-Fi, unlimited local coffee, and relaxing background music.

The cafe can be used as a casual meeting space, a remote “break room” in between appointments, or just a place to catch up on emails. The cafe is also a great way to capture on-the-spot networking opportunities with other members and more face-to-face time with our Chamber staff. It’ll be our members’ home away from home!

#2. Construction is 100% supported by local West Michigan companies.

Of the $1.1 million project, close to $300,000 will be completed by companies owned by minority and women-owned businesses, well exceeding the Chamber’s original goal of 25%.

#3. 8,000 square feet of the 11,000 square foot location will be dedicated to member services, including a large, flexible educational, social space, a variety of seating and meeting rooms for concentrating or collaborating.

“Through intentional design, we will provide our members with a space to collaborate, connect, and grow their business,” said Chamber President and CEO, Rick Baker. “By using the modern work environment, we will reduce the footprint required for staff work and reallocate the space for member programming and services.”

#4. New programming to be delivered in our very own space!

We know you want transformational knowledge, and we now have the room to provide more workshops, seminars, and training in 2018. Our new Business Services and Talent teams have over 100 events planned for 250 Monroe Ave. This building will be the epicenter of learning and member interaction.

#5. Brand new restaurantRoam by San Chezwill be located on the ground floor of the building.

Owners Dan and Cindy Schneider told Grand Rapids Business Journal, “The concept is roaming around the world and eating global street food.” What could be better than coming from a meeting at a productive coworking space and then treating yourself to a fabulous lunch?

For a more in-depth look at the new office (plus a review of our 2017 accomplishments), watch the video below!

We can’t wait to see you over at 250 Monroe!

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