Inclusion & Community Leadership

Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce / Talent Development / Inclusion & Community Leadership

Multiracial Association of Professionals

Nothing is more powerful for business and our community than people—the perspectives they share, the conversations they spark, and the action they take. Encouraging the diversity of our people is the key to creating a community where everyone is welcome and where businesses thrive through new ideas.

The Chamber is an ally and change agent on the road to creating strong leaders and a more diverse and inclusive workforce. We successfully work alongside businesses as they welcome, connect, and engage the talent they need. The Chamber helps newcomers and long-time community members explore Grand Rapids and our cultural history, expand their personal leadership skills, and examine the issues facing ethnic communities and businesses today.

“We love that the Chamber is about building strong leaders and businesses
that will in turn build a strong community.”

– Kelley Losey, Director of Cascade Consulting Group at Cascade Engineering, Inc.

“Diversity is crucial to encouraging different perspectives and ideas that foster innovation.” – Kristin Kremer, Development Manager – Supplier Diversity at CSM Group