Comcast Business Class

Fast Internet • Reliable Phone Service • TV for Entertainment and Information

As a member of Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, you are eligible to take advantage of an exclusive “members only” price from Comcast Business Class for your communication needs.

The full suite of Comcast Business Class products gives you fast Internet service that comes with web hosting for your web site, Cloud Services from Microsoft®, and security to protect your network; low monthly rate phone service with unlimited local and domestic long distance as well as premium features like voicemail, hunt group, extension dialing – included at no extra cost; and, TV to entertain and inform your customers, and to keep you and your employees connected during major news events.

Simply go to and submit your information (including our six-digit code of 252051. You will need to complete the Submit Member Information form identifying this Chamber so you can be contacted by your local Comcast Business Executive, Jessica Neville, to discuss your particular needs.

Questions? Contact the representative below or fill out the request for information form.

Your local Comcast representative: Chamber contact:
Garth Stidolph Mark Allen
616.575.1248 616.771.0348