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Your business IS our business. Nearly 2,500 members have discovered the power of having the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce as a partner at their side—expanding the influence, access, and information required for entrepreneurial growth and community leadership. Together, we are stronger and enable you to do more.

Chamber members vary in size and type—and range from some of the area’s largest employers to hosts of the small businesses growing in West Michigan. In fact, more than 80% of our members are businesses with 50 or fewer employees.

Regardless of your situation, you are sure to find like-minded peers, expert insights, and new business connections. So join us. Become a member and discover the power of an ally, advocate, and change agent standing behind your business.

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Build Relationships and access essential growth resources through Small Business Level Chamber membership.

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Accelerate your growth and build strong connections by investing in Executive Level Chamber membership.

Trustee Level

Become an active and visible part of the West Michigan business community through Trustee Level Chamber membership.

Investor Level

Demonstrate leadership while you expand your reach through Investor Level Chamber membership.

Visionary Level

Sustain and extend the strength of the West Michigan business community through Visionary Level Chamber membership.

President’s Circle Level

Demonstrate your investment in and commitment to a legacy of business success through President’s Circle Level Chamber membership.

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