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About Friends of West Michigan Business

The Friends of West Michigan Business, the Chamber’s Political Action Committee (PAC), is a vehicle for Chamber members to join with like-minded businesses leaders to achieve desired political and public policy goals. A natural component to the Chamber’s successful public policy advocacy program is an aggressive, well-funded, highly organized political action committee.

The Chamber PAC’s engagement in the political process has certainly contributed to our public policy achievements in Lansing. The Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce is now of vital interest to candidates, throughout the state, looking for support of their campaigns, and is a key player in the legislative process in Lansing. Thanks to the Chamber’s combined political action and legislative advocacy efforts we are making sure your voice is heard loud and clear in the halls of government.

The Friends of West Michigan Business is not operated by any membership dues. Its make up is entirely derived from individual contributions from members who wish to invest their resources to ensure pro-business candidates are elected to office.

Join the President’s Club

The President’s Club is West Michigan’s exclusive, members-only, political investment club for individuals who personally contribute $250 or more to the Friends of West Michigan Business. By becoming a member of the President’s Club, you are helping us elect pro-business candidates to office and advance the Chamber’s member-driven legislative priorities. As a member you will be able to participate in quarterly meetings featuring dynamic speakers who share insider perspectives on the decisions happening in Lansing and Washington DC.

Please help us succeed in our efforts by joining the President’s Club. With your support, we will ensure that the voice of West Michigan business is heard loud and clear.

To join the President’s Club, please contact Joshua Lunger at 616.771.0336.