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The Chamber’s Health Care & Human Resources Committee advocates a basic level of health care and encourages communication between the business and health care communities.

Chamber staff works to assist members in efforts to reduce health care costs, ensure no additional mandated health benefits, raise the awareness of cost shifting, provide prevention and education resources and encourage the utilization of health savings accounts and health reimbursement arrangements.

Supporting Documents

A Business Case for Medicaid Reform

Information on Federal Health Care Reform

Small business tax credit path
Summary of small business tax credit – Congressional Research Service
Health care and small business – Congressional Research Service
Private health insurance provisions in Act – Congressional Research Service
– The Kaiser Family Foundation website is a great resource and includes:
•  A summary of the health reform law
• An implementation timeline
• How the health reform law will expand access to coverage
How the health reform law affects Medicaid

Consensus Principles for Health Care Delivery

Health care continues to consume an increasing, and alarming, portion of the nation’s resources. Rapidly rising healthcare costs threaten the capacity of many businesses to pay for the healthcare of their employees and ongoing double-digit increases in healthcare costs weaken the nation’s economy. As a responsible business organization, the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce has adopted the “Consensus Principles for Health Care Delivery,” asking everyone to re-think their attitudes about how health care is provided and funded.

One of the key concepts proposed in the paper is a statewide minimum benefit plan to allow many of the working unisured to obtain coverage.  The plan is not perfect and does not address every issue, but something must be done to cover more individuals and stem the rising cost of health care.
Click here to learn more about the proposed minimum benefit plan.

Consensus Principles for Behavioral Health Care Delivery

In order to fully address the burgeoning costs of health care, businesses need to understand the critical impact that patient behavior, mental health problems, and substance abuse have on overall health care. This document illustrates how appropriate and timely applied behavioral health care can make a significant difference in improving the quality of overall health care, while simultaneously reducing costs through elimination of unnecessary services.

The intent of the “Consensus Principles for Behavioral Health Care Delivery” is to assist employers, small or large, in better understanding the value of behavioral health services. This will enable employers to select the behavioral benefit that best meets the needs of employees and their dependents.

For more information about how to use your talents on the Health Care & Human Resources committee, contact Andy Johnston at 616.771.0335.