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On October 10, 2012 more than 100 people participated in the lively, interactive and entertaining networking event designed to introduce prospective Chamber members to the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce last month.     

“The Chamber Event far exceeded my expectations!” said Brenda Kimball of Financial Advisory Corporation, who joined the Chamber during the event and thanked Chamber staff for such a warm, positive first-time experience. “I met many friendly and supportive people who are happy to connect again for the purpose of sharing information about our different businesses. Everyone I met was very approachable and welcoming!”    

Those comments were echoed repeatedly through the night. “I believe I have connected with an organization that is going to help me have a good foundation now at the beginning stages of my business, and later as my business grows and matures,” said new member Valencia Agnew, a psychologist with Adolescent & Family Behavioral Health Services. “Being a part of the Chamber is like having my own team of specialist that provide me with information I need regarding my community, regarding political issues, and about business in general.”     

Special thanks to event sponsor Comcast for making this successful new member program possible. The event provided potential Chamber members the chance to meet board, staff and current members and was a great opportunity for those not yet engaged with our chamber to learn about all that we do. Many new members signed on during the evening, and more are anticipated as the Membership Team follows up with guests.     

As passionate Chamber member and Paychex sales consultant Ashley Barnes noted so well: “I have found the Chamber to be such a wonderful vehicle for me to connect to the community with.  Since becoming active in the Chamber, I have gone from knowing no one to knowing someone everywhere I go.”    

Event Information

Date | Thursday, June 20, 2013
Time | 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Location | Kent Country Club, 1600 College Avenue NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Cost | Free for new members (in first year of membership), includes light continental breakfast
Registration | Call the RSVP Hotline at 616.771.0303 or contact Tori Bennett at 616.771.0315

Contact Mark Allen or 616.771.0348 to find out how you can become more involved in the Chamber or recommend someone who should explore Chamber membership for themselves.

Thank you to our sponsor:


Attention Members!

The Chamber is calling upon our membership to spread the word about the Chamber. Ask yourself if there is a business owner in your circle that could benefit from Chamber membership. Then, please forward their contact information to Mark Allen.

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