Ribbon Cutting – Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan

Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan
349 Division Avenue South
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Member Since: February, 2015

Contact Information: Jessica Jones – 616.389.8601

You are invited to celebrate the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan’s new office!

The Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan is the go-to source for mental health awareness and education.

Their mission is to create communities that have good mental health by inspiring people to recognize, understand, accept, and take action.

Their leading program, be nice., is more than a phrase. It’s an Action Plan to notice, invite, challenge and empower. This is a four-step approach to creating a positive environment for someone struggling with a mental illness, or a quick guide to help someone who may be noticing the onset of a mental illness, such as depression and anxiety, within themselves or someone they know. From there, what steps you should take to ultimately empower yourself or that person with positive coping skills, protective factors, and resources.

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