Ribbon Cutting – Innereactive

2620 Horizon Drive SE, Suite 250
Grand Rapids, MI 49546


Member Since: June, 2016

Contact Information: Heather Morrison – 616.419.3393

Innereactive is has expanded into their new space and are celebrating their 15th anniversary! Come and celebrate with drinks, appetizers and an all-around great time.

Innereactive was established on April 22, 2003 by Samantha Toth, whose eight years working as an ABO-certified optician sparked a passion for delivering marketing solutions to the optical industry. After finishing a BA in marketing from Michigan State University, Sam and Innereactive expanded from a small company focused on a highly specialized niche to a thriving full-service marketing agency that offers multi-faceted approaches and creative solutions to businesses all around the U.S.

Today, Innereactive’s newly refurbished 2,400 square foot office space houses highly talented designers, writers, programmers, and relationship experts. Aside from being accomplished in their respective fields, their Innereactive employees are fully trained in all things optical, right down to lens designs and treatments.

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