Small Business Summit

Service that exceeds customer expectations should be a top priority for your business.

A study released by NewVoiceMedia revealed a loss of more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service.
If you do not fall in the 72% of businesses putting customer experience improvements at the top of their priority list, 2017 is the year to start.

Welcomed by companies across the country seeking to glean knowledge from the highly successful customer service model,
the ZingTrain will soon pull in West Michigan’s station.

Learn more about the steps to Building a Culture of Great Service workshop

What is your Customer Experience approach? In this 4-hour summit, ZingTrain (of Ann Arbor’s Zingerman’s fame) will showcase their nationally recognized customer service training program. Highly interactive and engaging, this workshop teaches Zingerman’s approach to customer service with plenty of opportunities for discussion and hands-on practice.

Building a Culture of Great Service
Teach it • Define it • Live it • Measure it • Reward it

building a service cultureCustomer Experience is the process and outcome of interaction between an organization and a customer. Customer Experience includes all touchpoints a customer may have with a company, from planned marketing to unexpected interactions with staff. It invokes an emotional response, creating memorable experiences and loyal customers.

The focus of the session is on identifying the key elements that contribute to a culture of great service. They’ll share tools and techniques for customer service improvements, and class materials include examples from Zingerman’s internal staff training.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

Explain Zingerman’s approach to customer service and how it can be further customized to work at their business.
Use new tools and techniques to supplement and reinforce in-house customer service improvement initiatives.
Call upon a network of peers to help get past roadblocks.

About Zingerman’s & ZingTrain
Coop Grocer Web 2011
Zingerman’s has set the standard for great customer service in the specialty foods industry. This success has come from combining an innovative service philosophy with practical working systems. Zingerman’s approach has been successfully applied in a wide variety of businesses and non-profits that are committed to improving the quality of their customer service, including specialty food and other retailers, universities, banks, insurance agencies, health care providers, IT professionals, museums, schools, and libraries.

Read more about Zingerman’s history and growing your business with customer service.

Meet the trainers

Elnian Gilbert
Trainer & Keynote Speaker, Zingerman’s Training, Inc.

Elnian_webElnian’s 10 years of experience at Zingerman’s includes multiple businesses and positions, from her start at Zingerman’s Mail Order to logistical experience at ZingTrain. It is this breadth of experience that Elnian brings to her role as a trainer, sharing Zingerman’s approach to business though ZingTrain’s public training, personalized training, facilitation, and keynotes.

Her particular areas of expertise are Customer Service, Training, Open Book Management, and organizational change as well as vision facilitation. Elnian finds it exceptionally rewarding to figure out what a client needs, then tailor training to deliver it; helping them adapt and apply the tools and techniques used at Zingerman’s over the past 30 plus years.

Tabitha Mason
Venue Manager, Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

TabithaMason_webTabitha’s 16 year career at the Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth’s signature restaurant, most certainly nurtured her passion for hospitality. First as a server, then a manager and finally as the Director of Sales and Catering, Tabitha worked alongside the founder/owners of the Inn, growing and learning as the business did.

In 2010 Tabitha joined Zingerman’s as the General Manager of Zingerman’s Roadhouse – a full service restaurant serving “really good American food” whose chef-owner won the James Beard Best Chef, Great Lakes award in 2011. As GM, Tabitha, and a team of around 80 staff, was responsible for delivering “The Zingerman’s Experience” to the thousands of guests who dine at the Roadhouse each year.

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