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PeerSpectives Roundtable Systems

This peer-learning construct is based on the premise that entrepreneurs learn best from other entrepreneurs who have encountered similar challenges and can speak from real life experiences. Each meeting consists of members identifying and prioritizing their most pressing challenges and then sharing their experiences and best practices in addressing those challenges. Through peer sharing, members gain insight and learning that help them improve decision making, performance, and productivity which can take them to the next level of business growth. Roundtables include 8-12 business executives from noncompeting industries and provide a confidential forum.

What makes our roundtables unique?

• Based on experience-sharing, not advice-giving dialogue, with real life experiences
• Structured protocol that ensures a balanced discussion, led by trained facilitators
• Follows a proven formula that releases the group genius
• Delivers just-in-time, on-target feedback from a group of business owners just like you

Who should participate in PeerSpectives?

• A business owner, CEO, president or partner
• Looking for company growth, and experiencing road blocks
• Wanting to achieve next level of business growth with a strong competitive advantage
• Seeking risk reduction resulting in increased profitability

What are the costs and time commitment?

• Roundtable members commit to participating for one year
• There are 10 meetings per year
• Each meeting lasts 3.5 hours
• Cost of annual participation is $300
• Must be a member in good standing with the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

PeerSpectives Roundtable Application – Apply Now!

If you are interested in participating in the program or have questions,
please contact the Chamber Office for more information.