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Get the facts and learn the options for your business.

Each year, the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a half-day Health Care Summit featuring experts with the latest health care insights and facts to help you make decisions for your business. The Health Care Summit offers up-to-date details on how to navigate changes in the law, control costs, and take a look at what’s on the horizon.

Over 250 community leaders, business owners, CEOs, presidents and human resource professionals join the informative discussion. Whether you’re an employer with concerns about the rising health care costs or are interested in learning more about the impact of federal health care reform, then this event is for you.

Takeaways from the 2016 Health Care Summit

If you missed this year’s summit, read this wrap-up so you can stay up to date on what’s going on in healthcare today.

  1. Have an independent party survey employees to get their perspective on benefit offerings.  Many employers survey internally but people are more likely to open up and disclose more to a third party.
  2. Form a benefits committee – this helps to spread the understanding of benefits and the tough choices that have to be made a times. You start to create ambassadors within your own organization that can take questions and also support decisions.
  3. Open enrollment communication – communicate the information that people need to make a decision on and is relevant now. So many times open enrollment is the only time where all the information that a carrier can give is thrown at the employee, which can be overwhelming. Put together a strategic communication plan throughout the year to hit on various topics i.e. most carriers have vendor discount programs attached to the being a card carrying member. Put a focused communication on those types of things at different points in the year.
  4. Open enrollment – if at all possible put something together that is available for spouses to attend and be engaged.
  5. Attend a Health Equity and Social Justice Workshop with the Kent County Health Department.
  6. 80% of health care happens outside the system. Re-position dollars to make a difference in these areas.
  7. Think about internship for those from vulnerable populations. Employment is a vehicle to better health.
  8. Utilize to access resources to combat addiction.
  9. Cadillac tax is delayed to 2020 and maybe event permanently.
  10. For the ACA, tracking and reporting form are out January 30th and due to be filed on March 31st.
    1. Draft forms are available on
  11. Understand and leverage technology – technology tools range from online enrollment to access to telemedicine – here are some examples and suggestions
    1. To use the tools you need to register and login – have a contest or provide incentives for people to do this early on in the process – this helps cut down on frustration and also is the key to use the technology
    2. Provide opportunity for employees/spouses to get familiar with the tools that are available to them examples would be:
      • Download the mobile app for the smart phone and explain the capabilities
      • Remind people that benefit cards are available via mobile app and can also be ordered online
      • Encourage people to go paperless – EOBs and all information is provided online
      • Educate employees on what to look for when selecting a provider and also how to compare pricing for certain types of services
      • Encourage employees to take advantage of online medical visits or virtual medical visits – many employers are starting to designate a room where employees can go in private and take advantage of these services
      • Educate employees around using tools to gauge spend on drugs – there are many tools available through insurance carriers and other retailers that can be very helpful
  1. Attend the Housing Summit on October 14 … find out more information here.

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