Frequently Asked Questions

CEO & Management Roundtable FAQ’s

I just heard about this great program. Can I start next week?

We take online applications all year long, and we place participants in March and September—not on a rolling basis. Those who are not placed in the current session are placed on a wait list for consideration during subsequent placement periods.

I know someone in this program and they really rave about it. Can I just join his/her table?

We work towards the best placement possible for the roundtables as well as all new participants. There are many factors that go into the placement of individuals into a roundtable, including selecting non-competing industries and recognizing potential conflicts of interest or priority for someone who is already on the wait list.

Do I have to apply? How do I apply?

Yes, an application is required. This program does not allow ‘walk-ins.’ An online application must be filled out and submitted to us for processing and potential placement.

We strongly encourage all applicants to first attend an Informational Open House as well as a CEO Rally to get a better understanding of the depth and required commitment of this program.

Do I have to pay $75 and wait for a table?

You will not be charged the registration fee when applying; only when you have received a confirmed placement. You will also receive a receipt for the payment via email for your records.

Once accepted and placed, when do I meet with my roundtable?

Each roundtable sets their own meeting schedule for the same time and day of the month and members should reserve that time on his/her calendar for the 12-month session.

I am not sure I can plan my schedule an entire year out. Can I just go when I can make it?

It is imperative for members to make the commitment to be at their roundtable’s month meeting for maximum benefit of all. However, if needed, table members are allowed to miss no more than three meetings a year and not more than two in a row. Attendance is taken and turned in to the Chamber office by each table facilitator, and if a pattern of absence is noticed, your continued participation in the program will be reviewed.

So, how does this work? Do a bunch of us just show up and talk about whatever?

Each person on the roundtable hosts a meeting, preferably at their workplace if possible. An agenda with the topic the host wants to discuss will have been provided prior to the meeting.

The roundtable facilitator, a respected and trained member of the group, will guide the organized discussion. They also take attendance and are the liaison to the Chamber for their respective roundtable.

The roundtable facilitator is your ‘go-to’ contact for your individual roundtable regarding the program, except placement and payment. Chamber staff members are not involved in the actual meetings themselves.

I don’t have a space large enough to host one of the monthly meetings. Does this mean I can’t join?

Not at all! Small businesses make up 80% of Chamber membership and we understand not everyone has a large space available to host. Get creative and borrow a colleague’s or fellow Chamber members’ space, request to utilize available conference room at the Chamber offices, or host your meeting off-site at a restaurant or other venue.

With so many great ideas, I can’t wait to tell my colleagues about how roundtable members handled their business problems.

This is a confidential program. All discussions and insights from your roundtable are not open for sharing or public consumption. To ensure everyone’s privacy and the integrity of the table, a Confidentiality Agreement is signed by each participant.

This sounds like an awesome opportunity to pitch my products/services to business decision makers!

ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING. While some participants may ultimately form bonds that lead to future business relationships or collaborations, roundtable members are strictly prohibited from pitching or selling of any kind.

I don’t have the title CEO. Does this mean I can’t join the roundtable program?

You must be the final decision maker—whether that is owner, president, CEO, executive director, etc. to qualify for the CEO/Owner Roundtable as well as a few others. If you are a Vice President, COO/CFO, Department Director, etc.—then the Leadership, Finance, Sales, or Marketing tables are for you.

Well, I make all the decisions, but someone else has the title of CEO. Can I join?

One of our management tables may be a great fit for you. Choose from Leadership, Marketing, Sales, or Finance.

I am self-employed and running my business alone. How can I give anyone in ‘corporate America’ advice?

By doing it all yourself, you have a completely different perspective that adds variety and provides unique knowledge to others. Because we have a combination of large and small businesses at each table, all views and experiences contribute to a great sounding board.

What happens if I change jobs, restructuring happens, or I move to another industry? Do I get to stay with my table?

We take each change on a case-by-case basis and evaluate it appropriately. If you are in transition, you are given a limited time to retain a similar title/position with a non-conflicting Chamber member to remain on the table. If not, then we re-evaluate your participation based on your new title and spaces available at other tables.

How long do people stay with these roundtables?

This is a very popular program with many people continuing their participation from year to year. Some individuals have been with their roundtable since the start over 25 years ago!

At the end of each 12-month session, participants in good standing with the Chamber will receive a renewal survey in which they outline preferences for continuing, moving to a new table, or ending their participation.

What if I don’t feel the roundtable is a good fit once I attend?

Meeting and getting to know the members of your table will take a little while and more than one meeting, so we hope you will try a few before deciding to change tables. We have found that new participants quickly acclimate to the group. However, on the occasion that a good connection is just not possible, you may contact the Chamber Program Coordinator to share your concerns and request a new table placement, based on availability.