Business By Referrals

Business By Referrals

Build Your Business One Lead at a Time

Did you know the secret to great business development is networking with the goal of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship? A strong network with the right kind of connections is essential to companies and executives in order to survive and thrive.

Don’t wait to utilize this secret of business growth to make your career successful or take your business to the next level! Join the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce’s Business by Referrals group.

Designed to develop and maximize high-potential relationships, Business by Referrals creates close circles of 10 to 20 trusted individuals from non-competing businesses, each representing a single industry. The goal is to build a network in which members can share referrals and sales leads among each other. By tapping into the power of other people’s contacts, everyone gets the chance to expand their reach and develop new spheres of influence.

The group meets twice a month and offers members the opportunity to present samples of their work and speak about their business.

What’s in it for me?

Business by Referrals is aimed specifically at helping sales-oriented professionals by connecting them to other industries and the personal and professional networks of those in the group.

Use Business by Referrals to increase:

  • Professional contacts
  • Referrals from new contacts
  • Access to potential customers
  • Sales

How to Join

Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis as applications are received. The cost is $75 annually and regular attendance is required to ensure the group’s integrity.

To join a group, contact Elizabeth Morse.

Once seats for a group are filled, a waiting list will be created and you will be notified when an opening is available.

“What a wonderful group of business professionals! The group has a nice structure that keeps us on task.  Plus there is time for one-on-one meetings so we can get to know each other better. After all, the more we know about our fellow networkers, the better able we are to give meaningful referrals.” — Alix Criswell, Patriot Realty