The ATHENA Leadership Model® from ATHENA International identifies eight distinct attributes that are reflective of women’s contributions to leadership. These are the underlying principles utilized in the Chamber’s ATHENA Program.

Authentic Self

Understanding who you are – your values, beliefs and thoughts.
Honoring your uniqueness.
Accepting personal responsibility for your actions.

Celebration & Joy

Appreciating and acknowledging your accomplishments.
Looking forward to your life with a sense of hope and purpose.


Reaching out beyond what you can achieve on your own.
Working in unison with others, while celebrating diverse points of view, ideas and actions. 

Courageous Acts

Standing up and standing firm in the face of fear.
Taking risks to speak the truth or challenge the way things have always been done.

Fierce Advocacy

Supporting and acting on your passion for people, causes or ideas.
Creating an unstoppable force for the greater good.

Giving Back

Serving the greater good.
Committing to help your personal community of family, friends and peers, as well as the global village at large.


Challenging yourself to listen and be open to what is new and unfamiliar.
Expanding and developing your knowledge, skills and experiences.
Teaching others.


Connecting with and embracing others.
Appreciating the gifts and talents of different people in your life.