ATHENA Scholarships

ATHENA_Scholarship_Recipients_2015_WEB_credit-Adam-BirdDid you know that the Chamber has awarded more than $64,000 to help deserving women over the age of 30 complete a college degree in the Grand Rapids area?

Each year, the ATHENA Awards Program presents several scholarships to recipients of the unique ATHENA Scholarship, which assists women over 30 who are pursuing their higher-education dreams.

ATHENA Scholarships are unique in that recipients can use the money for whatever helps them achieve their degree, from tuition fees, to childcare or transportation expenses—building a brighter future for career, family, and personal goals.

Scholarship applications have closed.

Direct donations to the ATHENA Scholarship Fund are always welcomed. If you’re interested in contributing to the ATHENA Scholarship Fund and/or can’t attend the fundraiser event, please donate online or contact Megan Smith Jovanovic.
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“Being awarded this amazing scholarship from such a strong group of powerful women gave me the encouragement I needed to work towards my college education.” — Valerie Cook, 2014 ATHENA Scholarship Recipient