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By The Accident Fund Company

Every business owner knows about the need for fire and flood protection and computer security. These measures protect your investment in your buildings, your property and your data. Your investment in your employees deserves equal attention. A thorough analysis of your ergonomic needs can reduce injuries and the risk of workers compensation claims, as well as make your employees more productive on the job.

As a first step, review the worksite for ergonomic hazards and analyze the tasks of every job. You may want to have a professional assist you with this, and the analysis should include talks with each worker about what they do and how they actually do it. Don't rely solely on information from a supervisor or contained in a position description. Then:

  • Design the job to fit the person, not the person to fit the job.
  • Arrange the workstation to fit the individual doing the work, not for a mythical "average" person.
  • Design or modify workstations, work methods, any tools to reduce excessive exertion, repetitive motions or awkward positions.
  • Workstation design should allow full range of motion with the tools necessary for the job or task.
  • Select tools and equipment, which reduce chronic muscle contractions, vibration or excessive gripping and pinching.
  • Be sure all protective gear and equipment fits employees properly.
  • Conduct regular maintenance on all power or pneumatic tools, equipment and machinery.

Accident Fund Company, Michigan's largest workers compensation insurer, has designed a special program to encourage safe work practices in your facilities, and tailored it to address the needs of today's business leaders. The Group Dividend Program also offers a potential dividend on premiums, very competitive rates, experts to advise you in safety and claims management, and special investigation and anti-fraud services. Additional benefits include safety education opportunities and a free loan program offering top-rated safety training videos. A special feature is WorkSafe Premium Credits up to 15% available for experienced-rated policies.

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